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Chapter Officer Training supplements on Chapter Web Sites, Regional Conferences and Strategic Planning! See Chapter Officer Training video course

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Chapter Awards Submittal Primer for uploading evidence for chapter awards. See Introduction, Overview and General Information page

Awards spreadsheet for submittal is available on the new INCOSE Connect website. See Introduction, Overview and General Information page for more info.

Chapter Planning Workbook and Chapter Plans Template - tailor to fit your needs

Under construction- Chapter Organization, Officers, Roles & Responsibilities - describes chapter offices with examples of roles and responsibilities

GlobalMeet is the INCOSE tool selected for web meetings and audio conferences. There is a page with links for a User Guide and Getting Started guides on the INCOSE CONNECT site on the INCOSE Shared Resources Request page. To request a meeting, click on the "GlobalMeet + Teleconference Request" on that page.

Local chapters are essential in supporting local members and achieving of INCOSE’s goals and objectives. Far more than local administrative groups, chapters are performing units that organize a multitude of professional and social programs, conduct membership recruitment and retention drives, support technical activities striving to advance the state and art of systems engineering, and market INCOSE as the international authoritative body on systems engineering. Regional Representatives provide the first line of support. To provide more in-depth help, the goal of the Keys to Effective Chapters program is to identify and promote best practices for chapters, to help them operate efficiently by providing basic process guidelines and examples of best practices. This is especially important as there is often a significant change in leadership from year to year and often the new team starts over versus a smooth transition.

Critical Success Factors for Chapters

  • Continuous recruiting of leadership team
  • Chapter officer training
  • Leadership teamwork
  • Chapter planning
  • Mentoring by Sector Leadership

These are leading indicators predictive of sustained performance, and are an inherent part of Keys to Effective Chapters.

Wiki Objectives. An important portion of the Keys to Effective Chapter program is processes and best practices to facilitate the operational portions of chapter administration, and allow more time to the actual education and promotion of system engineering. Often trying to figure out how to do various activities takes far more time, energy and effort than actually doing them, and too often falls short in execution. The objective of Keys to Effective Chapters program is to provide a set of essential tools that will help get the most important plans into place early in the year to maintain or gain momentum versus a discontinuity. These tools are organized along the lines of the award metrics to facilitate self monitoring.

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Introduction, Overview and General Information

Chapter Organization, Officers, Roles & Responsibilities

Officer Training Course, including Officer Training Videos






Outreach and Collaboration

INCOSE Support



Chapter Success Stories

About this wiki: We have used recommendations from the Chapter Award Team's review of chapter submittals to help identify good/best practices. You may have additional items used by your chapter that you feel would be really useful to other chapters leaders. If so, you may upload them to the appropriate section of this wiki. These will be periodically reviewed by the Keys to Effective Chapters Committee to ensure they are consistent with our overall objectives. If you have ideas for significant improvements to the wiki, please email us at

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