Purpose: The Technical aspects of INCOSE extend the practice of systems engineering.

Description: Members can contribute to the technical aspects of INCOSE in several ways. One is to prepare papers which are presented at technical symposiums or seminars, or published in technical journals/magazines.

Many members are unaware of the opportunities of participating in one of the almost forty INCOSE International Working Groups. Some European chapters also have created local working groups. Working groups are a great source of speakers for chapter events.

On a bigger scale is developing a technical product that could be for local or even international use.

International Working Groups and their websites, as listed on Connect (requires Connect log-in):

Another excellent resource is the Working Group Reports from the Closing Plenary of the International Workshops shown in "Quad Charts". For each working group there is a summary of their Charter, the Chair/Co-chair(s) with webpages, Published Products/Accomplishments, and Planned Work.

Chapter Working Groups

Chapters can form working groups. These might be stand-alone or associated with other working groups such as international working groups.

UK has a Best Practice on local working groups.
This link has a general discussion of local groups and at the bottom of the page there are guidelines for forming a working group.