Chapter Officer Training

Training officers before or soon after taking office provides vital information on how INCOSE chapters operate and roles and responsibilities. Although use of this particular presentation is not required, is strongly recommended that the Leadership Team review all the included topics as a group to generate discussion and get to a common understanding of the objectives of chapters and resources to make their job easier and more effective. The orientation should be as early in the year as possible. Officers who miss the session or come into office later in the year should review the presentation on a self-study basis soon after assuming office.

It is also highly recommended the team review the "Keys to Effective Chapters Overview" as it also overviews the Keys and the Chapter Circle Award program.

Chapter Officer Orientation: This Power Point presentation, updated June 2013, addresses INCOSE's mission and goals, how the chapter fits into the larger INCOSE organization, officer responsibilities, and resources available to help officers and other chapter members. (It is labeled "Interim" because of the new INCOSE website has not been finalized.)

Chapter Officer Administration Orientation: This Power Point is new as of June 2013 and addresses the details of Administration duties with the Central Office for Officers.


Keys to Effective Chapters Overview: This Power Point presentation, updated Feb 2013, is about the Keys to Effective Chapter initiative and Chapter Circle Awards program. Recommended as part of new officer orientation.

Example of Tailoring for Chapter

Based on the old 2010 version, this shows how the Orlando Chapter tailored the presentation to be specific for their officers.Chapter