After training to ensue Chapter Officers are familiar with the programs and resources of INCOSE, planning is the next essential in effective chapter operation, just as it is in your projects at work; therefore it is addressed in more detail than the other areas. Ideally the planning starts in the 4th quarter after the new officers are elected and trained, to ensure a smooth transition. Effective planning upfront greatly improves the probability of success of meeting the key goals and objectives of INCOSE and the local chapter. The planning guidelines call for both strategic and operational aspects to be developed by the leadership team, including inviting input from the membership at large. Chapters usually focus most attention on activities such as chapter presentation and tutorials. However, for these to achieve their objectives and reach their target audiences, the planning must address communications (to include all aspects including Ambassadors/Promoters to companies and other organizations), and membership recruiting and retention. It is also worthwhile to consider other beneficial activities conducted throughout the year during the planning.
NEW To help chapters, we have prepared a new Chapter Planning Workbook and Chapter Plans Template. Although they are not required, we believe they can significantly ease the planning process, particularly for those who have yet had the opportunity to develop their planning expertise. In fact, the experience gained in preparing chapter plans could be career-enhancing for those who participate.
The Chapter Planning Workbook takes the leadership team step-by-step through the planning process. Although it is not required, it is offered as a Best Practice and is intended to 1) prepare for planning and 2) to be used during the planning session. Not every workbook section will be used by every chapter, but each chapter should discuss each section to decide. The first section offers suggestions for the planning process and is number differently from the rest of the document. The numbering for the remainder of the document matches the section numbers of the Chapter Plans Template for ease of use. The working plan consensus that results from the planning session(s) can then be transferred to the accompanying Chapter Plans Template. The Chapter Plans can then be compared to actual progress and updated as needed throughout the plan year at Leadership Team/Board meetings.
The Chapter Plans Template deletes the suggestions (to be replaced by the chapter's actual plans) and most of the explanations found in the Chapter Planning Workbook. The resulting plans are intended as the working document for the plan year, to be a living document used by the Leadership Team throughout the year, regularly reviewed to assess progress and updated as needed.

Click here for example chapter plans using the above Workbook/Template, uploaded by chapters

Strategic Planning Techniques - slides from Planning Workshop held at IW16. Workshop was very interactive but no effective way to capture that.

Example plans from previous years, (not to the new suggested Chapter Plans Template template):

Strategic Plans

Operating Plans

Communications Plan (including Ambassador/Promoter Plan

Membership Plans

Ancillary Plans-Tools