Purpose: Routine processes and procedures form a basis for good, repeatable chapter performance and convenient measures to assist in continuous improvement.
Description:There are many and diverse things a chapter can do to promote smooth, efficient operation. Chapter officers are elected annually and to encourage an informed electorate, biographical sketches of each nominee should be included with or linked to the ballot with results promptly reported to INCOSE central office. Obviously all officers should remain in good standing during their term of office. To gain new insights and ideas, a chapter representative should attend the Chapters Committee Meeting at the International Workshop and International Symposium. For not only initial planning, but also to monitor and adapt the plans throughout the year, the Leadership team should meet on a regular basis with an agenda and minutes recorded with assigned and completed actions.

Operationally, a chapter display or banner (physical or electronic) should be present at all chapter events. To promote interest and participation, chapter events should be scheduled and publicized at least 3 months in advance.
Members should be encouraged to consider becoming certified as System Engineers. The INCOSE certification program currently has three designations and has a webpage, linked off the incose.org home page, that details the requirements. On-line tutorials are also available.
Contributions of members, guests, and supporting organizations should be publicly acknowledged as well as to the individual’s supervisor (if appropriate). As a record of chapter progress and to facilitate submittal for the Circle Award program, a record of all chapter activities should be preserved and used to prepare the award submittal.

Elections: Plans should be made for elections as part of the annual Chapter planning (see Chapter Planning Workbook).
-Chapter Elections are held annually, usually in the fall. Past President can be a great choice to lead the Chapter Nominations and Elections committee who will fill the slate for the next election. Bios of candidates should be published 30 days before the election.
-Elections can be conducted via various web tools such as ballotbin.com (ad supported) and surveymonkey.com (free for up to 10 questions/candidates and 100 responses), as well as others.
-It is recommended that immediately after the elections, the team should take the Chapter Officer Training. -After the training, the officers should begin planning for the new year - Chapter Planning.
Sources for new candidates:
  • List of certified SE Professionals: Search by your chapter, but also in your geographic area (even who aren't yet INCOSE members). SEPs earn continuing development credits by serving as chapter leaders/officers.
  • Those who have served on conference committees (even if not yet INCOSE members)
  • Invite people who come to meetings repeatedly to be Directors-at-Large who can later take other leadership positions in the future.
  • Student Division affiliation: those in leadership in the student division who are graduating can become leaders; faculty members too!
  • Invite local companies to put representative (perhaps non-voting) on chapter board.
  • Groom new leaders by asking new or younger members to coordinate social event, happy hour, etc. as a source of new leaders. Recognize their contribute via letter to their company.

Systems for Anonymous Voting
Southern AZ has used Ballot Bin for voting.

Chapter Officer Ballot and Biographies

This in the form of a newsletter with bios, and a link to a website (not active) for voting.

Electronic Banner which is continuously projected in auto-loop mode at beginning of event

Ideas for More Effective Board Meetings