Chapter Officer / Leader Training Course

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Welcome to the new Chapter Officer Training Course. This training will be required for all newly elected INCOSE chapter officers in the Americas Sector (other sectors may use these or may have their own training processes). Note that there is also a Keys to Effective Chapters Overview & Circle Awards presentation and video on the Introduction, Overview and General Information page.

Training Curriculum

2018 Updated Officer Training - January 2018 (Note - Videos to be added)

1. Welcome and Overview of INCOSE (PPT)
(note - PPT exceeds Wiki file size limits)
2. Certification and Tech Ops

3. Chapters and Chapter Officer Roles

4. Keys to Successful Chapters and Circle Awards

5. Resources, Central Office, and Events


Officer Training 1 (recorded at International Symposium 2014)

  1. Welcome and Overview of INCOSE
  2. Certification, Administration and Tech Ops
  3. Chapters
  4. Chapter Excellence and Planning
  5. Resources and Events

Officer Training 2 (supplemental modules, recorded at International Symposium 2015)

  1. Setting up a Chapter Web Site
  2. Putting on a Regional Conference
  3. Chapter Strategic Planning

Target audience

Chapter officers and other chapter leaders, including directors and committee chairs should take the training shortly after being elected. New officers added during the year should also take the training.

How to take the course

The best approach is to get together with your fellow officers and watch the videos together and discuss. This is a great start to setting up your chapter plans for the coming year. Or you can watch the videos on your own and then discuss it later.

Take Notes!

Obviously you don't need to take notes on the content, since you have the videos and slides. But take notes on:
1. Questions that you think of
2. Ideas you have about what you can do in your chapter

Course Materials

The videos are here and as you see are hosted on the Americas Sector channel on YouTube. The slides used in the training are posted below. These slides are planned to be updated periodically, and you can get the latest version by clicking on the "Slide" links below. These training videos are updated less often of course, so the slides should be a bit newer than the videos.

Send us feedback

We would very much appreciate feedback about the value of particularly the videos, and any suggestions for providing improved training materials. Let us know at

What to do next after the training

After completing the training, the new officer team should immediately begin planning for the new year. Click here for planning aids and examples.

Officer Training 1

Unit 1.1: Welcome and Overview of INCOSE (25:46)

Unit 1.1 Slides only:

Unit 1.2: Certification, Administration and Tech Ops (28.21)

Unit 1.2 Slides only:

Unit 1.3: Chapters (24:02)

Unit 1.3 Slides only:

Unit 1.4: Chapter Excellence and Planning (39:24)

Unit 1.4 Slides only:

Unit 1.5: Resources and Events (21:31)

Unit 1.5 Slides Only:

Officer Training II

Unit 2.1: Setting Up a Chapter Web Site (20:48)

Unit 2.1 Slides Only:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Unit 2.2: Putting on Regional Conference (15:19)

Unit 2.2 Slides Only:

Unit 2.3: Chapter Strategic Planning (26:22)

Unit 2.3 Slides Only: