Member Survey to Guide Chapter Planning

Surveying chapter members is a good way to gather the "Voice of the Customer". The survey can help set Chapter direction and understand member desires.The surveys can be done via mail out, phone, or the web. The web surveys are recommended for particularly larger chapters. There are various survey tools available; Survey Monkey is one example used by several chapters. Usually 2-4 reminder emails are required to get a good response. 30% is considered to be a good, and 50% excellent.

Once results are in, some analysis is required to determine what the messages are, which can then be used by the Chapter Officers in planning for the future.

Note: These surveys are different from surveys to evaluate a Chapter event or to determine why someone didn't renew membership.

Example Survey:

A web survey addressing feedback about chapter, soliciting suggestions, member wants, and basic demographics.

Example Analysis:

A basic survey summary/analysis

A more extensive survey analysis