Mission of Keys to Effective Chapters, part of the Shared Services Committee of the Sectors

Dedicated to helping chapter officers by collecting, developing, and sharing keys to effective chapters. These keys include good/best practices and tools developed by current and experienced chapter officers, introductory materials, training presentations for new officers, tips and lessons learned.

The objectives are to leverage successes of chapters and the experience of proven leaders to increase the effectiveness of all chapters, advance INCOSE objectives, provide maximum benefit to the chapter members, leading to increased INCOSE membership.

General Information about Keys to Effective Chapters

Keys to Effective Chapters is a part of the Shared Services Committee of the Sectors, providing assistance to Chapter Officers to make their job easier and their chapters more effective by providing resources to train, facilitate planning, suggestions for chapter presentations, and templates and examples for many of the tasks chapters normally perform.

A "Keys to Effective Chapter and Chapter Circle Awards" PowerPoint is provided below to explain how the committee works, how to access the resources, and how it relates to the Chapter Circle Awards. This Wiki has many resources and is updated from Good/Best Practices from chapter award evidence submittals and periodically update as better or more current examples are identified. If you would like to see a particular template or example, please let us know at ChapterKeys@incose.org.

You may have additional items that you feel would be really useful to other chapters leaders. If so, you may upload them to the appropriate section of this wiki. These will be periodically reviewed by the Keys to Effective Chapters Committee to ensure they are consistent with our overall objectives. If you have ideas for significant improvements to the wiki, please email us at ChapterKeys@incose.org.

Since the INCOSE Central Office is upgrading their website, some of the links used in this wiki may break. If you encounter a broken link, please let us know at ChapterKeys@incose.org.

Reference Material:

Updated 2015 Chapter Awards Submittal Primer

2015 Chapter Awards Spreadsheet - Download from the 2015 Chapter Awards INCOSE Connect site. Use this sheet for metrics as to how your chapter is doing, and to submit for a Chapter Circle Award in Jan 2016 for work done in 2015. Direct link to the page containing the spreadsheet: 2015 Chapter Awards page
You have to use your primary email in your profile as your User Name to get into Connect (no more name@incose.org). Then go to the Chapters tab at the top which takes you to a list of chapters. At the top of the list should be "-Chapter Awards Program". If you don't see this, contact Amy at info@incose.org. Once on the Chapter Awards Program page, the spreadsheet is there on the right and the submittal process is on the left and works very similar to last year.

A presentation on the new INCOSE web meeting tool, Global Meet.

Keys to Effective Chapter initiative and Chapter Circle Awards program Overview. Updated June 2013. Recommended as part of new officer orientation.
Power Point Slides

A video of Keys Overview training at IS2013

2012 Edition of Keys to Effective Chapters Including Procedures for Awards and Recognition. Revision Planned. This MS Word document serves as a reference document for more in-depth details and ideas for effective chapter operations.

INCOSE Policy on Chapters, CHP 100 - The governing document on Chapters.

Chapter Start-up Guidelines including a template for Chapter Bylaws - Although some of this document has not yet been updated to reflect the new Sector organization, it nonetheless contains helpful information about starting up a new chapter. Specifically it contains a template for Chapter Bylaws which may be useful in creating or updating chapter bylaws.
Note: To be recognized and authorized, any updates to Chapter Bylaws must be filed with the INCOSE Central Office..

Tool - Chapter Awards Planning Spreadsheet. The following Excel workbook provides an easy way to keep track of your metrics for managing your chapter, and to see how you are doing in getting recognition via Circle Awards. Thanks to Mike Vinarcik, Michigan Chapter for providing this handy tool. Carefully follow the instructions on the Planning tab, and enable macros. Enter data on the Planning tab and track results on the Rollup tab. Make NO CHANGES to the PivotRollup and Data tabs. Note - the "Framework" tab has not been proofed against the new 2013 Awards Spreadsheet.

President's Checklist. This checklist is to provide reminders throughout the year of key items that are sometimes forgotten. Try it out and let us know how to improve it.