INCOSE Support

Purpose: Outreach focused on entities outside of INCOSE. INCOSE Support focuses on various ways chapters can support the parent INCOSE organization and other chapters.

Description: At the inter-chapter level, chapters can work with one or more other INCOSE chapters on a joint event or to provide assistance to another chapter, such as when a new chapter is being formed. There are often members with unique expertise in a chapter who could speak to another chapter, whether in person or via a web meeting.

In support of the parent INCOSE organization, members can prepare articles published in INCOSE Insight. Attendance at the annual International Workshop and Symposium benefits the members, chapter and international organization.

Another form of support is to make chapter or individual financial contributions to another chapter or to INCOSE international.

To get an idea of what an International Workshop and International Symposium are like to share with your chapter, you can see information about the venue, schedule and programs by going to and the News & Events drop-down menu to International Workshop and International Symposium which will show you information about the 2012 meetings.