Purpose: Communications ensure the chapter and INCOSE has a readily available presence in the local systems engineering community with encouragement for joining and participation. Good communications also ensure that members are well informed and their voice is heard.

Description: The Communications Plan provides the blueprint for providing effective chapter communications. An attractive and current website is a good starting point. A newsletter provides the opportunity to personalize chapter plans, events, and personalities in an informative and even fun way. Communications includes publicity to broadcast event announcements and reminders. Ambassadors/Promoters ensure chapter events are well publicized in local companies, academia, and other societies while gathering ideas for programs, tutorials and other activities by which the chapter can better serve the local members and engineering community.


Websites: French Chapter website not built on the INCOSE template. View in Chrome browser to have translated. AFIS Website is continually updated with respect to Technical Group Outputs, Events reports, Communication material, Position offers, Post-graduated thesis, etc.Well laid out for easy access to all areas. Orlando Chapter website, using the INCOSE template, is well organized with meeting notices and locations, recruiting info, officer contacts, INCOSE member services, education links, newsletter history, and INCOSE home link. Midwest Gateway Chapter website, also using the INCOSE template, but with a different look and feel..

Incorporated many different elements that can be used for ideas

Ambassador/ Promoter Program
Presents various ideas and opportunities for Ambassador/Promoters. Could also provide ideas for Chapter Officers presenting to new companies or other organizations