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The following discussion has links to pages with position descriptions as examples. Please add your own Best Practice.
The following officers are required by the INCOSE Bylaws as a minimum organization:
  • President
  • President Elect (for the following year)/ Vice President
  • Secretary/Treasurer

EXAMPLE: Roles and Responsibilities from Chapter Leader Training

January 2018 Update of Roles and Responsibilities for Chapter Officers, Training v3.0.

Other roles many chapters find helpful, (sometimes combined)
  • Separate Treasurer
  • Programs (chapter meetings, events)
  • Development or Training (tutorials)
  • Technical Director
  • Membership (ambassadors, recruiting, retention)
  • Communications (newsletter, website)
  • Ad hoc committees, e.g. for elections and governance updates
  • Liaison with CAB and other companies
  • Additional Directors

EXAMPLE: Link to UK chapter officer position descriptions (check lower part of webpage)

Most chapters use a one year term, usually coinciding with the calendar year, although some chapters have a different cycle.
Some chapters find 2 year terms, at least for President & Vice President Elect very helpful

Benefits of serving on the Chapter Leadership Team:
  • Serving on the Chapter Leadership Team is a privilege as well as a responsibility
  • Your chapter’s success will be directly related to your commitment and teamwork
  • Chapter leadership provides valuable “real world” developmental experience, superior in many ways to a business degree
  • Chapter leadership provides opportunities to enhance and accelerate your career

Elections should be announced in advance and voting kept open for at least 30 days with periodic reminders.
The announcement needs to have a brief summary of each office and perhaps what each wants to accomplish in their office to help voters decide.
Even if positions run unopposed, voting should be encouraged to motivate the officers by a show of support.

Voting Procedure: Various tools can be used to conduct the voting, e.g. a survey tool such as SurveyMonkey or Zomerang or the like. There are also some on-line sites for specifically for casting ballots such as BallotBin.
Be sure to save the details of the election for at least a year.
Publish the results (who was elected) at the end of the balloting period including a notice send in a newsletter/bulletin, and on your website.

Action Item Logs/Lists**
One of the most valuable tools for every chapter is to maintain an Action Item Log. This is a very simple template:

This is an Excel version of a more complete Action Item Log with a second tab providing explanation for the columns.