The core chapter activities are chapter meetings and local tutorials. Some chapters organize and conduct local seminars or mini-conferences. Chapters are encouraged to work together to leverage talent and opportunities. One way to do this is through a regional conference.

Purpose: Activities are the life blood of the local chapter to involve the membership, provide education in Systems Engineering and related disciplines, and encourage networking. Plans should be detailed in the Operating Plan.

Description: There are many activities available for the local chapter and should be detailed as part of the Operating Plan. Periodic chapter meetings are a core activity. Sources of presentations can be found in work done by local companies or engineering schools. Another excellent source is presentations by any one of the almost forty INCOSE Working Groups. Tutorials can provide opportunities to gain new skills. Local seminars and conferences provide a means to provide benefits to members and their companies/organizations. Working with other chapters to plan and carry out regional conferences can broaden the breadth and depth of offerings. When in proximity to an International Workshop or Symposium, the chapter can help plan and carry out some of the many functions required.


Working Groups are an excellent source of speakers for chapter events, providing the latest thinking in most System Engineering topics. An excellent resource is the Working Group Reports from the Closing Plenary of the International Workshops shown in "Quad Charts". For each working group there is a summary of their Charter, the Chair/Co-chair(s) with webpages, Published Products/Accomplishments, and Planned Work. Contact the chairs to see about speaker availability.

Another list of International Working Groups and their websites, as listed on Connect (requires Connect log-in):